01 January 2016

Start of the 2016 season

The Eusebio Unzué-managed squad beings its 37th season in cycling's top tier as much excited and raring to go as ever

In a sport so focused on a scientific approach lately, a discipline governed more and more through chequebook power, Movistar Team keeps alive values that make it shine. Passion and extreme dedication make up for the gaps with squads that might have more individual quality, yet don't possess such a rooted collective spirit. 37 seasons -the longest standing structure in the WorldTour- give credit to the squad directed by Eusebio Unzué. In its sixth year with Telefónica as title sponsor, the Blues stay as much determined as usual to keep their crown as leaders of the cycling peloton.

Five new faces have adopted the Movistar Team's sense of family, right from day one since they joined the group in Pamplona back in November. Some had already been part of the group before (Dani Moreno); others witnessed it closely since they were amateurs (Jorge Arcas, Antonio Pedrero); and some even heard good words about the team (Nelson Oliveira, Carlos Betancur) and were convinced they could provide valuable sportive and human assets. Because it's even more important here to bring commitment and honesty than a huge palmarès. Courage and dedication, often ahead of your own abilities, create an atmosphere that many people out of the team admire.

Movistar Team will be tackling the longest season in its four-decade history during 2016: it will start on January 17 in Adelaide (Australia) and end in late October in Abu Dhabi. In order to keep achieving the amazing feats from previous occasions, they will rely on a team of more than 60 people, almost thirty partners and over 675,000 fans -between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube-. The latter are undoubtedly the biggest protagonists. Those that keep you digging in, the people who deserve a grinning face, a handshake and a signature at every race start. The people who make possible to ride a bicycle for a living. Those who are proud to say: #YoSoyMovistarTeam.

And during this season and forever, we race and work thinking of those who can't ride by our side anymore. Xavi, Chava, Isaac, Antonio, Mauricio. But above all, we keep those three words present from a man who understood this team and sport like no other one.

'Fight, smile, live.'