Jaime Castrillo takes brilliant 6th in U23 Worlds

28 September 2018
Imagen de la noticia ‛Jaime Castrillo takes brilliant 6th in U23 Worlds’

2018 World Championships in Austria

Spanish allrounder from Movistar Team gives more than his all at challenging Innsbruck circuit, shows immense courage to enter race’s top-ten; Hirschi (SUI) conquers rainbow jersey.

When you give more than your own maximum, any result is extraordinary. Jaime Castrillo (Movistar Team) proved again to be a rider able to offer his top game when it’s required at big races, and claimed for Spain a fantastic 6th place in the U23 road race World Championships, held over 180km and four laps around a really tough circuit in Innsbruck (Austria).

The Jaca native, initially supporting the Spanish team’s designated leader Fernando Barceló, took full responsibility for the squad into the last two ascents of Igls (8km at 6%) as his colleague was dropped back from the main group. As much on the attack -he tried it twice during the last climb- as left behind by a selected, fast-paced favourites’ group, Castrillo ended up into a second pursuit group behind the leading trio, featuring Marc Hirschi (SUI) -eventual winner after a move into the last descent-, Bjorg Lambrecht (BEL, 2nd) and Jaako Hänninen (FIN, 3rd).

Jaime went into another accleration inside the final kilometer, looking to chase down a second group with Gino Mäder (SUI, 4th) and Mark Padun (UKR, 5th), which earned him a well-deserved 6th spot, which marks -together with Nelson Oliveira’s ITT and the Blues’ TTT last Sunday- the best result so far for the Movistar Team riders on Austrian soil. Another proof of the great character by one of Spain’s biggest prospects.


Jaime Castrillo (via Spanish Cycling Federation):It’s not a medal, it’s not a rainbow jersey, but it’s a result I’m so, so happy about. To win this race, you need great confidence, which I didn’t have coming into today’s circuit. I regained it during the race itself. I tried to make the most of my energy, which wasn’t too much to be honest. And it was already difficult from the beginning, with that pile-up early in the race which affected Fernando and myself. Barceló did crash, didn’t got hurt luckily – since it was easy in the peloton, we were able to bridge back. However, he was dropped again later on and I had to carry on and do my own race.

“With every lap passing I realized I was going better and better, so I then focused on staying calm, letting the race come to me. Should I have the legs it took, I’d fight to remain at the front, but if I couldn’t, I wasn’t going to take it too seriously. Then, at the penultimate climb to Igls, I struggled pretty badly but realized it was a very small group at the front, so I decided I had to fight back and rejoin before the descent. I didn’t have much energy left, there were some serious contenders at the front, so my only goal at that point was saving energy, maybe trying it into the last climb, and not going for those attacks in between the ascents. I was able to attack, then join that pursuit group and try another move inside the last kilometer to take 6th.

This result will help me out much in the next few years. You can’t get too obsessed about the results – it’s rather more important to take steps forward, solid steps, those which matter. I was maybe getting too worried about that result not coming, which made me not realize I could take that step. This will make me race with more calmness.”