Jorge Arcas impressive in Napoli: strong 3rd against world’s best
14 May 2022

Giro d'Italia (st. 8)

Spaniard exchanges super luxury domestique task for brilliant solo role on Saturday, makes right moves at tricky urban circuit to just surrender against De Gendt (LTS) and Gabburo (BRD) at sprint, from 20-strong breakaway.

Arcas doing his best on stage eight of the Giro. (c) Sprint Cycling Agency

REACTION / Jorge Arcas:

“It was such a hard stage here in Napoli! A tough circuit, one difficult to manage yourself through. With so many riders in the breakaway, twenty, we had to get at least one of ours into the move, and it was my turn to fight, just like yesterday. We defended ourselves just as much as we could. I was able to join the right move, and even if Van der Poel and Girmay were pushing hard in the finale to get back, with those two Lotto riders in the group, they took responsibiluty, used their strenght in numbers well, and we ended up going for the sprint.

Arcas during his breakaway. (c) Sprint Cycling Agency

I honestly couldn’t do much in the sprint. De Gendt is so strong in such situations, and even if I tried to follow his wheel, I couldn’t just get to it. Now it’s all about ‘resting up’ as much as possible, at least myself, but I’ll always keep my mind on our GC contenders, supporting them all that we can. We’ve got Bala and Iván up there, it’s an important day tomorrow and we must try and get them to the Blockhaus in good condition, so we can keep or improve our overall situation and keep pushing over the upcoming two weeks for a good result.”

Arcas (right) finishes behind De Gendt and Gabburo. (c) Sprint Cycling Agency