Bodegas Cornelio Dinastía


Cornelio is the result of generations devoted to work with rough soil, under the hard conditions of the winter and the high temperatures of summer in northern Spain. The result of long decades careflly pampering the same grapevines which now reward us with its cherished fruit, which you, after careful elaboration on our cellars to take the expertise of our ancestors to its maximum expression, can enjoy every time you require company from a good wine.

Saying Cornelio is talking about tradition, passion, excellence, sustainability, old, loved land – in short, seeking for pure, top-quality Rioja.

With the Vega Vella brand, Cornelio has taken another step forward in its commitment with the environment, offering the public a broad range of wines with ecological certification.

Bodegas Cornelio Dinastía supports the Movistar Team since 2017.