Footbed remains as the official provider of custom-made insoles for the telephone squad, which will benefit from the latest innovations in the subject. This year, Footbed will be again alongside the Blues to treat injuries and keep them away from any troubles, so they can concentrate on their performance.

When it comes to cycling, feet have a fundamental role as they transmit all power output from the body to the bike pedals. That’s why developing an insole for bike shoes is crucial to allow maximum efficiency. The Dynamic Footbed cycling insoles, modelled after obtaining a 3D mold of every rider’s feet, help to increase the contact surface between foot and shoe. This way, power transmission improves considerably, and helps to avoid annoyances in the form of metatarsalgias – that is, pain surging because of increasing pressure over the surface the foot bases the body’s weight.

Many of the injuries sustained by cyclists come from their feet, which makes an examination of their footprint and bike technique crucial. The Dynamic Footbed custom-made insoles are their best allies for optimal performance and health.

The Footbed Company is a Movistar Team partner since 2012.