MINERAQUA is a mineral natural water bottling company based in the municipality of Torrecilla en Cameros, in La Rioja, Spain, where the PEÑACLARA spring can be found at 750 meters above sea level. The PEÑACLARA mineral natural water comes naturally from an aquifer well protected by an astonishing rock mass, 500 meters over the source. These are recommended waters for good health, thanks to its quality and well-balanced components.

Its salubrious properties and quality have been recognized by all people having this water for more than thousand years, since this is an old fountain whose first written reference dates back to 1029 AD. It was declared of Public Utility and mineromedicinal in 1861, at the very same time a hypothermic water resort was opened alongside the source. PEÑACLARA’s bottling factory was opened in 1974, and is MINERAQUA’s property since 2007.

PEÑACLARA supports the Movistar Team since 2014.