Portrait ofDario Cataldo
Place: Lanciano
Birth: 17/03/1985
Country: ITA
Height: 175 Cm
Weight: 64 Kg
Pro debut: 2007
Years in team: 1
Career path:

2020: Movistar Team
2015-2019: Astana
2013-2014: Sky
2009-2012: Quick Step
2007-2008: Liquigas


Dario Cataldo

The art of experience

A FIVE-STAR DOMESTIQUE. There are very few riders as intelligent and talented as it is needed to put your work at the service of others even if you know you could be able to aim at bigger goals by yourself. That’s why Dario Cataldo, a 14-year pro always part of WorldTour squads, is so immensely valuable. His 22 Grand Tour appearances -12 Giros, 2 Tours, 9 Vueltas-, some of them with notable individual performances (he’s twice finished in 12th place at the ‘Corsa Rosa’), are but a great proof of the talent, strength and composure of this world-class athlete, whose experience showed in 2020 as he supported a Movistar Team in great need of riders like him.

MORE THAN JUST COLLECTIVE ATTITUDE. Despite his wheel to make things easier for the team leaders in the mountains or any other terrain -he’s also a very decent time trialist-, Dario has claimed many famous victories. Two of those came at Grand Tours: he won at the Cuitunigru, at the 2012 Vuelta a España, over incredible slopes near 30%, and took the Como stage at the 2019 Giro d’Italia, holding off the charge by the GC contenders and besting fellow countryman Mattia Cattaneo  into the final sprint.

WINNER OF A ‘LITTLE GRAND TOUR’. Cataldo’s leap towards the pro category had a great launchpad in his win at the 2006 ‘Baby Giro’, now reserved to under-23 riders from around the world yet, at the time, serving as hunting ground for the strong amateur Italian outfits. An early sign of the great rider he would end up being.

 His links to Spain -his girlfriend, Alexandra, hails from our country- have always been intense, to the point of supporting in past years several sporting projects in the country, some of them devoted to women’s cycling. He gave name to the DC Ride squad in 2018, a team featuring top athletes such as Belén López or Ainara Elbusto, an adventure he conitnued in 2019 supporting the Eneicat team. Some other youth teams in southern Spain have his support.

 It’s not only about cycling inside Dario’s mind, a man fond of arts and a very skilled sketcher. Some of his portrait pictures available at this page’s gallegy, with beautiful drawings on the balloons used for the photoshoot, are a proof of his talent.



8 Victories as professional

1st (15th stage) Giro d'Italia 2019
1st (4th stage) Settimana Coppi e Bartali 2014
1st (16th stage) Vuelta a España 2012
1st Italian ITT Championships 2012
1st GP Beghelli 2010
1st (7th stage) Tour de l'Avenir 2007
1st (2nd stage) Tour de l'Avenir 2007
1st Baby Giro d'Italia 2006


74 Days of Racing
11157.6 Km covered

6th (15th stage) Giro d'Italia
11th (3rd stage) Tour de Romandie
12th (18th stage) Giro d'Italia
23th (20th stage) Giro d'Italia
23th (4th stage) Tirreno-Adriatico
29th (1st stage) Tour de Pologne
31th Settimana Italiana / Sardegna
32th (6th stage) Giro d'Italia
32th (1st stage) Settimana Italiana / Sardegna
36th Coppa Agostoni
37th Memorial Marco Pantani
44th (4th stage) Settimana Italiana / Sardegna
45th Tour de Pologne
45th Il Lombardia
46th (2nd stage) Tirreno-Adriatico
47th (2nd stage) Settimana Italiana / Sardegna
48th (6th stage) Tirreno-Adriatico
48th (2nd stage) Tour de Pologne
49th (4th stage) Deutschland-Tour
49th Tirreno-Adriatico
49th (2nd stage) Tour of Britain
50th (6th stage) Tour de Romandie
50th (6th stage) Tour de Romandie
50th (5th stage) Tour de Romandie
53th Coppa Bernocchi
53th (3rd stage) Settimana Italiana / Sardegna
54th Giro d'Italia
54th Tour of Britain
55th (11th stage) Giro d'Italia
55th Tour de Romandie
56th (6th stage) Tour of Britain
57th (5th stage) Settimana Italiana / Sardegna
58th (21th stage) Giro d'Italia
60th (17th stage) Giro d'Italia
60th (4th stage) Tour of Britain
61th (7th stage) Tour of Britain
62th (2nd stage) Tour de Romandie
62th Deutschland-Tour
65th (5th stage) Giro d'Italia
65th (3rd stage) Tour de Pologne
66th (6th stage) Tour de Pologne
71th (9th stage) Giro d'Italia
71th (5th stage) Tour de Pologne
72th (1st stage) Tour de Romandie
73th (2nd stage) Deutschland-Tour
74th (3rd stage) Giro d'Italia
76th (4th stage) Tour de Pologne
76th (3rd stage) Deutschland-Tour
77th (7th stage) Tirreno-Adriatico
79th (1st stage) Tour of Britain
80th (5th stage) Tour of Britain
82th (8th stage) Tour of Britain
84th (10th stage) Giro d'Italia
85th (4th stage) Volta a Catalunya
89th (7th stage) Tour de Pologne
91th (7th stage) Giro d'Italia
91th (5th stage) Volta a Catalunya
92th (2nd stage) Giro d'Italia
92th (1st stage) Tirreno-Adriatico
96th (4th stage) Tour de Romandie
99th (8th stage) Giro d'Italia
100th Volta a Catalunya
101th (7th stage) Volta a Catalunya
101th (1st stage) Volta a Catalunya
103th (6th stage) Volta a Catalunya
103th (3rd stage) Tirreno-Adriatico
106th (16th stage) Giro d'Italia
111th (4th stage) Giro d'Italia
111th (1st stage) Deutschland-Tour
112th (2nd stage) Volta a Catalunya
115th (19th stage) Giro d'Italia
118th (12th stage) Giro d'Italia
118th (14th stage) Giro d'Italia
122th (5th stage) Tirreno-Adriatico
128th (13th stage) Giro d'Italia
132th (3rd stage) Volta a Catalunya
146th (1st stage) Giro d'Italia