Tondo stands the wind in San Luis

17 January 2011
Imagen de la noticia ‛Tondo stands the wind in San Luis’

Wind was the big enemy for the Movistar Team riders in the opening stage of the 2011 Tour de San Luis, the most important stagerace in South America. Head winds for most of the 166km route, from the province’s capital to Justo Daract, contained the riders’ pace, while a turn in their course in the latter part of the race allowed several echelons opening due to crosswinds.

Misfortune stroke the riders directed by José Luis Jaimerena in the crucial point of the stage: Mauricio Soler crashed, with no consequences though, while Carlos Oyarzun suffered a time-consuming puncture. Xavi Tondo was yet able to dodge the circumstances and came across the line into the 19-rider group that opened the way home ,with nearly fourty seconds over the main bunch. It was good news for the Movistar Team climber, who will be set to shine on Thursday as the first mountain-top finish of the race, the Cat-1 Mirador del Potrero de los Funes, will be tackled.