Canyon Aeroad CFR

The Movistar Team's riders gave Canyon detailed input which they use in our latest developments. And you can feel the effects out on the road. The Aeroad CFR is lighter, stiffer and more comfortable. The result? You go faster, for longer.

Abus AirBreaker

Thanks to the honeycomb structure of the innovative Multi Speed design, the AirBreaker doses the ventilation as it is needed: maximum ventilation for slow, hilly stages, and optimum aerodynamics for fast, flat stages. 

Abus GameChanger 2.0

Make sure you have the decisive edge in the battle for every watt: take your racing experience to the next level with the GameChanger 2.0.

Fizik Vento Powerstrap Aeroweave Movistar Team

Ultratranspirables y ligeras, estas zapatillas de competición están inspiradas en el carácter y la fuerza de Movistar Team con un nuevo esquema de color, en amarillo fluorescente.

Fizik Vento Infinito Carbon 2 Movistar Team

Unas zapatillas preparadas al milímetro para la competición y con la mejor transmisión de potencia, diseñadas con un vistoso esquema de color que realza la imagen de Movistar Team.

Fizik Vento Stabilita Carbon Movistar Team

Dotadas de un innovador soporte dinámico de suela y diseñadas en un estilo llamativo e innovador, son un gran apoyo para el rendimiento de los corredores y corredoras de Movistar Team.

Fizik Vento Argo 00 Adaptive

Este sillín de punta corta cuenta con acolchado impreso en 3D para mejorar la comodidad en todas las zonas, y está apoyado en una carcasa y raíles compuestos íntegramente de carbono, lo que ahorra peso sin disminuir las prestaciones.


Clean lines and vibrant colors that inspire really special clothing, with strength and unique personality. Sustained and sustainable development, always using the materials most suited to any goal, and carefully treated by the expert hands which craft all of our kits. A non-conformist brand, at any day and place.


Volvo Cars has been a leader in automotive safety for decades, caring about the world we live in and the people around us. With their Safe Space Technology which includes all the standard safety features in a Volvo car, they help to keep us safe and make us feel safe.


Paved or not, racing or racing home, exploring new roads or new limits, SRAM Road’s mission is to provide purpose built, elegant solutions to bring you there. Our brand of advancement is grounded in taking away what’s in the way of the experience, and being the antidote to complexity. From eTap AXS to SRAM 1x to HRD, these advancements invite you to new pursuits for anything you’d call road.


Garmin brings GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets. Garmin thinks every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to beat yesterday.


BORN's mission as a company is guaranteeing balance between growth and protecting our world. To achieve that goal, the brand has focused on two fundamental aspects: saving production costs and materials, through innovative garments which required very little water to be producted, and circularity of the clothes, giving them a second life.


The 100% brand has always been synonymous with motocross Americana and has been linked to many iconic moments that have built the roots and history of what is modern motocross. Today, the brand has turned to Downhill slopes, BMX tracks, and also the route, inspiring a whole new generation of racers and asking them the original tag line: How much effort do you give?