Volvo Cars is a global company with Scandinavian roots. Our vision is becoming the most progressive and desirable high-end automobile brand in the world. In that sense, we consider that our global success will be boosted by our philosophy: making people’s life easier, while we reaffirm ourselves on our commitment to security, quality and enviroment.

Everything we do at Volvo has a same goal: people. That’s why remaining devoted to an easier, safer, more comfortable day-to-day to them is part of our way of life. It’s inside Volvo’s DNA. We care about what really matters. We help people feel special. And we contribute to making the world a better place for everyone.

Volvo is the Movistar Team’s official car since 2004.

V90 Cross Country

An ever-dependable team-mate. Takes the premium estate a clear step forward in terms of aesthetics, materials and finish, while living up to the ultimately practical nature of estate cars.

Bring on the smooth tarmac of a highway, Strade Bianche’s gravel paths, Roubaix cobblestones or any surface and weather. The V90’s driver assist technology and advanced all-wheel drive combine to create the most responsive driving experience in virtually any road conditions.