Frequently Asked Questions
Media / Press

– I would like to receive the Movistar Team’s press releases. How do I get them?
It’s easy: click here.

Movistar Team doesn’t use newsletter as a daily communication means on its activity. We only send press calls, some for-media materials at select times of the season or press releases (with pictures, video or audio, in most cases) to report on our sporting success (5-6 communications per month). There’s only one newsletter feed: we don’t distinguish between our men’s and women’s roster, which are part of the same team.

– I want to interview a rider / team member or carry out a video / audio / written feature with someone from the Movistar Team. How should I contact you?
You can reach to us at press (at) Messages posted through that form are received by our Communications Area, which will get back to you as soon as / when possible.

– When does the Movistar Team usually hold press conferences during the season?
At the three Grand Tours (Giro, Tour, Vuelta), there’s usually a press conference to kick off the pre-race events, on Thursday or Friday prior to the start. Due to the pandemic, all of them have been held as remote events since 2020. We frequently hold press conferences during rest days, when media attention advises for it.

Apart from that, before one-day races or stageraces of significant relevance, or featuring one or more team leaders, there’s also a press conference when there’s an important volume of media requests. Other opportunities include the team launch -when held as a physical event, it took place in Madrid’s Distrito Telefónica, every winter-, the pre-season meeting -every October / November in Gorráiz, Navarra-, training camps before our season debut and promotional events with sponsors during the season. 

– I’d like to use pictures from your website of download shots from your Photo Archive. Can I get them in high quality? Any passwords?
The Movistar Team built a new Photo Archive in 2019. At this external site, its team members, sponsors and media are able to download the pictures from the agencies they work with, almost immediately after these have been made available to the team, with the appropriate restrictions. Pictures are offered to all parties only through that archive, and only those available at the Photo Archive are officially available.

If you reach to us at press (at) (Press area) and explain us your needs, we will find a way for you to download what you require. If you wish to take the pictures directly from our website’s news or rider pages, you’re authorized to do so, as long as you respect the credits mentioned alongside them. Pictures may only be used for editorial purposes, never for commercial use.

– I would like to get some video footage from the team, the Movistar Team logos or download some PDF / press kits with information on the Movistar Team. What should I do?
1) The team’s videos are rather specific material, frequently subject to rights, which keeps us from posting public links at any place of our website. Please contact us via press (at) and explain to us what you need. Generally (but not always), the footage posted on our YouTube channel is free of rights, though you must still ask us first.

2) The Movistar Team logos are available at the About Us section and at the Team pages on the main manu (look for the ‘Downloads’ button).

– I’d like to show the Movistar Team my newest product, or join their partnership program. Who should I contact?
Our Marketing area, info (at)

– I would like to be a member of your communications department, work with your social media / PR teams. Is there any chance?
Vacancies at this area are rare, and usually covered in advance when they arise. However, if you still want to express your interest, drop us a line at press (at) and we’ll get back to you with an e-mail address where you can send us your CV.

– I’d like to offer the Movistar Team my services as photo / videographer. Is there a spot available?
We usually work with top-of-the-line agencies and individuals, but also with up-and-coming talents. If you feel like your work fits in here, reach us out at press (at)