“I’m grateful it hasn’t gone further than this”

23 February 2011
Imagen de la noticia ‛“I’m grateful it hasn’t gone further than this”’

A brutal crash with 150 meters from the finishing line in Córdoba ruined the chances by Fran Ventoso to repeat yesterday’s victory in Jaén.

The Movistar Team rider was involved in a chute that made massive impact to the outcome of the fourth stage in the Vuelta a Andalucía, where triple world road champion Óscar Freire (RAB) claimed the day’s honours. “I’m grateful it hasn’t gone further than this and I’m OK and strong after such a crash,” described Ventoso. “I was having quite good legs at the wheel of Freire and Lobato right into the barriers, when a billboard which wasn’t anchored to the floor got down and caused the crash. Fortunately, and even though I have some bruises, it doesn’t seem to be really important. What worries me most is a hard blow in my right ankle, which has got inflamated. I had been given ice on the leg and, in principle, it doesn’t seem like I’ll have any problems to start tomorrow.” The cyclist from Movistar Team also claims for more attention to avoid such incidents: “Same did happen last year in this very finish, it’s something inexplicable. It doesn’t take anything to fix the banners properly. I don’t know who the responsible is, but we’re always talking about other troubles and we usually forget the most important thing: the riders’ security.”

The race did not however make any changes into the overall classification, still led by Markel Irizar (RSH). with Pasamontes in 5th and Intxausti -who had a bad day with stomach problems- in 9th spot before the ending race on Thursday, 162km from Córdoba to Antequera.