Unzué: “We’ll be doing a decent TTT”

6 May 2011
Imagen de la noticia ‛Unzué: “We’ll be doing a decent TTT”’

After a soft, 70-minute session on the TT bikes they will use tomorrow in the team time trial, plus two more hours on their normal gear, the nine riders from Movistar Team are already waiting for this evening’s presentation (17.30 CET), the last stop before the beginning of the 94th edition of the Giro d’Italia.

The telephone squad will be the last of the 23 into the event to take the start tomorrow in the 20km ride between Venaria Reale and Torino which will open the race. At 17.18 CET, the current runner-up of the Italian grandtour David Arroyo, Ignatas Konovalovas, Pablo Lastras, Branislau Samoilau, Luis Pasamontes, Vasil Kiryienka, Fran Ventoso and race debutants Sergio Pardilla and Carlos Oyarzun -first ever Chilean to ride a GT- will be taking off from the starting ramp to close the 2011 Giro’s opening stage.

Movistr Team’s general manager Eusebio Unzué analised the start of the Corsa Rosa: “The fact of being the last to start isn’t more than anecdotal, because even that you have an advantage by counting on all time references from other squads, the way of working for the team doesn’t really differ. It’s a short distance for this speciality and gaps should not thus be important. What do I expect from the team? Above all, to get over the nervousness riders always have in the first day, and not having any troubles. And doing a decent TTT. I’m sure it will be so, because we have riders capable making it forward. It’s obvious we can’t think of winning, in front of teams that have this stage as a real goal into the Giro. We come here with our mind in the mountains and the GC, and that’s why we know Arroyo or Pardilla cannot offer much in this day. Until tomorrow morning we can’t do the stage recon and can’t value it, but it’s clear that the race going through the city center makes the race harder, because the road will be more slippery and the technical difficulties for riders and teams will be more important, it’s difficult to make changes when you’re riding through the streets.”