A Year in Images (8): ANDREY’S TORTURE
04 November 2011

Amador, the first Costa Rican in the Tour de France, took a lecture on bravery after completing the race following a sprain ankle in the opening day of racing through the Vendée Or how to finish the first-ever Tour de France for a Center American rider after having a sprain ankle in the first out ot twenty-one stages, in a day where up to seven from his other eight teammates went onto the ground too. Only with intensive care from the team, bravery and constance to extreme, Andrey Amador could shine on the way to Paris -a great breakaway to Pinerolo, on Italian soil during the third week of racing- and making the dream of a nation, Costa Rica, become true as they supported the young Blue rider full-time from the other side of the Atlantic ocean. 2012 will be a brandnew opportunity for him after an action-packed season, full of problems.