A Year in Images (and 10): HONOURING EVERYONE
06 November 2011

Pablo Lastras became the ultimate image of victory for Movistar Team, whose stage win in the Vuelta a España closed a GT triple only three other squads in the world could snatch in 2011

The Blue man on top of the game through the season finale. Pablo Lastras took unanimous recognition from both Spanish and international cycling in his second coming to spotlight as pro race. Almost a decade after closing his individual GT triple, his victory in the Vuelta a España during stage 3 on the way to Totana, showing extreme intelligence and character, is already the highest point in a career from a courageous rider and an exemplary teammate. His way to see and enjoy life, shown by his victory dedications to the team, the lost teammates and people always around him, makes the Spaniard the best road captain Movistar Team could have for 2012.