Valverde and Cobo talk with Blue fans
04 January 2012

The two big leaders from Movistar Team had a videochat with squad's followers who sent their questions through Facebook and Twitter in the days before their presentation

The presentation event of Juanjo Cobo and Alejandro Valverde with his new 2012 Movistar Team outfit did not conclude with the press conference offered on Wednesday morning. The two biggest riders from the telephone squad talked for around 30 minutes with the squad’s fans on Facebook and Twitter during a videochat in the same Auditorium at Telefónica’s Corporate Innovation Center headquarters in Madrid that hosted the main event, and was also sent out via livestream on this website.

Valverde y Cobo solved there some of the questions not answered during the previous conference. “I’m really focused on the Tour, but there some other really beautiful races, like the Olympics or the Worlds,” said Valverde when asked about his other goals of the season. The Spaniard recognized “all the victories from Movistar Team, as my good old human group” gave him joy and motivation to keep “recovering the hope of my professional debut in 2002.” Talking about his main contenders on the road, Valverde insisted on saying “Gilbert will be my biggest rival, but I can’t rule out many others, such as Peter Sagan.

As well Valverde as Juanjo Cobo remarked that some fault on the current situation in cycling comes from the economy. “It’s difficult, with the crisis we’re living, to find a private sponsor or money from the public sector.” For this reason, both coincided on thanking the support by Movistar Team, and also “all the messages by our fans.” “I hope not to disappoint them and I’ll try to be as much professional as possible“, said Cobo, the Cantabrian being the protagonist of the comic moment of this videochat when being asked about his racing socks’ length. In contrary, he was serious and clear regarding the hierarchy. “A competition with Alejandro? There isn’t. I think we’ll get on well with each other in the races. We’ll not have any understanding problems“, he concluded.