Movistar Team discovers mountainous Vuelta
11 January 2012

Vuelta a España presentation

Cobo and Unzué attend race presentation, find route made for the lightest in the peloton marked by emotive race start at squad's backyard in Pamplona

The Palacio de Congresos Baluarte was the venue for the presentation of the 67th Vuelta a España this Wednesday. The 2012 edition will be really special for Movistar Team as the start will be held just few kilometers from the team’s service in Pamplona, but also for the backnumber 1 being worn by who is expected to be one of its leaders for the upcoming 2012 season. Spaniard Juanjo Cobo was the main representative by the telephone squad in the event, also attended by general manager Eusebio Unzué as well as some other team riders and legends like Miguel Indurain, Abraham Olano or recently retired Chente García Acosta, who were closely related to the race organisers in the design of the two opening stage routes through Navarra: the team time trial in Pamplona and the first road stage to Viana.

The reigning champion of the Spanish grandtour commented on the 2012 edition’s parcours: “It’s gonna be a pretty balanced Vuelta route, decent to say the least. As happened last year with the climb to Sierra Nevada on day four, it will demand much from everyone to get into good position, but I don’t think that there will be too big differences except for a bad day from some rider. We’ll be really close to each other on the GC when entering the Asturian trio of stages, the hardest, deciding ones for the Vuelta outcome, not to look down on the finish in La Bola del Mundo. The one who shows the strongest in those three stages shouldn’t have any problems in La Bola. The Pontevedra ITT is good for me: 40k long and also exigent with a Cat. 3 climb. For me, gaining in the climbs what I lose in the time trials, it would be good if I get there in good condition.” From all stages, Cobo specifically points to “the one at Fuente Dé in Santander. I don’t write it down to winning it, but to enjoy it. It goes barely hundred meters from my home, through my usual training roads. After having won the Vuelta a España, with all the audience supporting me, it will be a day to be enjoyed.”

In contrary, Eusebio Unzué considers the route is “too much mountainous. It has many short, steep finishes and the time trials will be anecdotical. It’s going to be surely a really spectacular one, because it exiges the rider to be fit from the first to the last day, but it’s clear that this Vuelta is for the best climber in August and September, especially for pure climbers able to put up with pressure this race will put over them from start to finish. There aren’t any rests, even stages for the sprinters where those riders could take it easier.”