The most coveted jerseys, up for grabs
03 February 2012

Trivia Movistar Team

Get a signed copy from José Joaquín Rojas's red-yellow jersey or Giovanni Visconti's 'maglia tricolore' in the second edition of our Trivia, with January's winners already announced

Trivia Movistar Team is back as the first Spanish events are raced, and returns in big style. Our Facebook app is offering you a chance to get a signed copy of the Spanish or Italian national champion jerseys from Movistar Team leaders José Joaquín Rojas and Giovanni Visconti.

In order to enter the draw, you just have to guess all five Trivia questions related to the squad of the races the Blue team competes in during their season across Europe and America. Take part until February 29 and join Alberto Sánchez, Bruno Colin and Luis Eduardo García as winners of the three Movistar Team Winter packs composed by a long-sleeve jersey, a winter culotte and gloves for January’s trivia.