Movistar Team down to only six riders
07 July 2012

Tour de France

Erviti and Gutiérrez won't take the start today at Tour de France's stage six after injuries sustained at yesterday's terrible crash, who consequences are hoped to be overcome by the other Blue riders affected

Movistar Team is down to only six riders as the Tour de France has only completed its first week of racing. After José Joaquín Rojas’s abandon following a collarbone fracture into a crash on Tuesday, now Imanol Erviti and Iván Gutiérrez have to leave the Grande Boucle after the massive pile-up in the finale of stage six in the French grandtour. Erviti underwent surgery last night to recover from a deep wound in his right leg and will be able, unless any major trouble, to leave today the Hôpital Bon Secours in Metz where he was admitted. In turn, Iván Gutiérrez won’t take the start either at the first mountain stage of the race due to a sharp blow in his right kneee that makes walking almost impossible for him. The impact in his kneecap’s cartilage worries the Spaniard seriously as he returns today to Spain alongside Erviti to know more exactly the reach of his injuries.

The rest of the Movistar Team riders, all of them affected by crashes yesterday, were able to rest well despite discomfort from all bruises and wounds sustained -the most worrying one is the pain on Rubén Plaza’s ribs- and will take the start in Tombaline with the aim of getting over a stage that will be hard for most of them.