Another top ten for Visconti
18 August 2012

Coppa Agostoni

Italian claims 7th at torrid Coppa Agostoni, won by Sella (AND) after a duo sprint over Baliani (PPO) following the breakaway effort from Madrazo and David López

Movistar Team keep showing their good form at the Trittico Lombardo, holding its second act today with the 66th Coppa Agostoni -196k from Monza to Lissone- marked by intense heat that squeezed out the stamina from most of the bunch.

The telephone squad -which wasn’t able to count on José Herrada today due to a stomach disease- fought to make the day’s decisive break, an attempt starting before the climb towards Madonna del Ghisallo where David López and a notable Ángel Madrazo -fighting for the second day on a row- pursuited with no success the two riders that opened the way into the finish: winner Emanuelle Sella (AND) and second-placed Fortunato Baliani (PPO).

Behind, the pursuit was countered by a 13-man attempt including Giovanni Visconti, who, after attacks from Di Luca, Mucelli and Chiarini, claimed the 7th spot in the sprint. Saturday will bring the third, last chance for the Blue squad in the 92nd Tre Valli Varesine, over 198k between Campione d’Italia and Luino.