Scalpers joins Movistar Team leading train
26 November 2012

Prestigious men's clothes company to become official suits and formal wear provider for the telephone squad, showing off the Spanish firm's designs around the world

Scalpers will become provider of official suits and formal wear for Movistar Team as of 2013. The telephone squad, already getting prepared for a competitive season that will start in Australia next January, incorporate one of the most renowned firms in clothing to their sponsorship as they wear the Scalpers brand across nearly twenty countries around the world.

Scalpers is a men’s clothing company based all over Spain, Europe and Latin America, able to position itself, in only six years of existence, as a reference brand in its sector. The Scalpers man is a lover of sport, culture and art, new technologies, gastronomy and travel, who needs a stylish trademark that accompanies him wherever he goes.

Scalpers and Movistar Team, two leaders together to walk around the world.