Tight contest until the end
22 September 2013

Tour of Britain (st. 8)

Madrazo takes Tour of Britain Sprints competition after rival Williams (IGS) gets relegated, confirms KOM jersey. Sanz 9th at final 'volata'

There were very few times where just 88 kilometers made for such an interesting day for Movistar Team. The Blues went twice onto the final podium of the 2013 Tour of Britain in London after lots of moves from the riders directed by José Luis Jaimerena. Confirmed winner of the KOM classification, Ángel Madrazo had five points of advantage into the Whitehall circuit, on the banks of the Thames, Westminster and the Big Ben, to defend his Sprints jersey against Pete Williams (IGS), with fifteen on the road.

In the second of the three sprints, the Briton pushed the Spaniard with his hand and reduced the gap to one point after getting within two after the first rush, the classification going to him after the last one. However, the Jury decided to role on the irregular manoeuvre and Madrazo got his green jersey at the London podium. Trying to get their place featured a combative Alex Dowsett -breaking apart into the last two laps- and Enrique Sanz, 9th in the bunch sprint won by Mark Cavendish (OPQ).

Picture (c): Tour of Britain 2013 – Larry Hickmott