Szmyd undergoes surgery
22 December 2013

Injury report

Polish rider from Movistar Team operated last night to reduce fracture in his right hand's first metacarpus, following a crash while training on Friday

Sylwester Szmyd went into the operating room on Saturday night to reduce a fracture in his right hand’s first metacarpus, following a crash on Friday while training in his home country before his season kicks off in the upcoming weeks.

The Polish rider from the Movistar Team was even able to continue and end his training session normally, but strong pain overnight advised him to go to the Jurasz University Hospital in Bydgoszcz, his hometown, where the fracture was revealed and an operation followed to repair the bone with two positioning screws.

Szmyd will get back into training mode in the new few days before starting his second year as member of the telephone squad.