Successful surgery for Lastras
31 March 2015

Operation after Volta a Catalunya crash

Movistar Team road captain operated on Tuesday at Barcelona's Hospital Quirón Teknon after pelvis fracture sustained in crash during Volta's stage four

Pablo Lastras was operated today in his pelvis after the crash he suffered last Thursday during the Queen stage of the Volta a Catalunya.

The Spaniard from the Movistar Team, whose surgery was directed by Dr. Pedro Cano Luis in Barcelona's Hospital Quirón Teknon, where he was admitted the same day of his crash, stayed for "a little over three hours" in the operating room, as explains Jesús Hoyos, doctor for the telephone squad.

"The operation went really well and the team of surgeons are really satisfied with the result. Every step of the operation was completed through the same way in the groin and Pablo was moved to the ICU afterwards, so he can recover from the anesthesia. Shouldn't any complications show up overnight, he'll be moved back to his room in the hospital."