Aquilo Sports becomes official partner
22 June 2015

Wearable cryo-compression

Emergine sports technology company to support Movistar Team with revolutionary cryo-compression wearable products

Aquilo™ Sports, an emerging sports technology company focused on athletic performance optimization, injury prevention and muscle recovery, today announced a new partnership with Spanish-based professional road cycling squad Movistar Team. The announcement comes after an extensive and successful evaluation of the company’s wearable cryo-compression suit by the world’s top ranking cycling team. 

The Aquilo System combines the cooling benefits of cryo-therapy with safe compression for a comfortable, wearable and portable alternative to traditional ice baths. Ice bath therapy has been the gold standard practice for professional and elite athletes seeking to improve performance, reduce the risk of injury and repair muscle damage so they can return to hard training and competition more quickly. 

Alfonso Galilea, Technical Director of the Movistar Team, said “this is truly a break-through for cycling because races like the Tour de France extend miles and miles through remote country villages where ice is a scarce resource.  With Aquilo, very little ice is needed to achieve the results of an ice bath and it’s very portable.  Our cyclists can slip into Aquilo pants while on the bus and immediately reduce my core temperature and begin the healing process so their legs are fresh for the next race.”

In addition to providing the Movistar Team with cryo-compression suits, Aquilo will work closely with the team to develop and customize muscle recovery equipment to further support the cycling team.

The new Aquilo System will be launched at the upcoming National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) on June 23-26th in St. Louis, MO and will be commercially available at that time.

“This is an important validation by the world’s premier cycling team,” said Dr. Paul Spence, President and Founder of Aquilo Sports.  “We have worked closely with the Movistar Team to ensure Aquilo meets their rigorous standards for quality, effectiveness and portability. This partnership represents our success in accomplishing this goal and we look forward to a long and successful partnership with the Movistar Team.”

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About Aquilo Sports

Aquilo Sports is an emerging sports technology company focused on muscle recovery to optimize athletic performance and help prevent injury for elite athletes.  Aquilo has developed a revolutionary cryo-compression suit that combines the cooling benefits of cryo-therapy with safe compression for a more comfortable, wearable and portable alternative to traditional ice bath therapy.  The Aquilo System consists of a small, portable power unit and medical grade compression pants.  The system pumps cold water through the suit, maintaining a temperature of 12 ° – 15° C, (54F – 60F), clinically shown to reduce core temperature and quickly recover muscles so athletes can return to hard workout more quickly.  Aquilo can operate on battery or standard electric outlet.

Aquilo Sports is a subsidiary of SCR Development, a ten-year developer of cutting-edge cardiovascular and minimally invasive medical devices.  SCR’s team of biomedical engineers, mechanical engineers and surgeons has dedicated more than four years to the research and development of the Aquilo System, integrating scientific data with cardiovascular principles to deliver a revolutionary advancement in sports recovery.