Dowsett, man of records

25 June 2015
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British TT Championship

Former Hour Record holder without opposition in Cadwell Park, claims fourth British national TT title to equal Stuart Dangerfield and crown a wonderful season, his Movistar Team now up to 25 wins in 2015

Report to follow…

REACTION / Alex Dowsett: "It's lovely to get it back. It's really significant being national champion. Now every time I do a time-trial I get to wear this, it stands me out as either the British or Dutch national champion! (jokes). I couldn't have lost it to a more talented guy last year in Brad but it's nice to have it back.

"That was tough. I didn't have a radio so I had no idea where I was in relation to anyone else. The course itself – in training I thought it would be easier in the race but it was actually harder, so I had no idea how well I was going out there. But when I saw Matt (Bottrill) I knew that either he was on a horrendous day or I was on a good one. I had a bit of a moment on the second to last corner around here. I've got quite a few friends who race British Superbike and I'm not going to hear the end of it from missing that apex!

"I thought I'd overcooked it a little bit early on. Being as hilly as it is it's difficult – you don't want to give away too much early on but you don't want to go too hard. It wasn't easy getting it right. On lap one I got stung by a wasp just inside my thigh, which kind of added insult to injury. Something always happens at nationals for me. I think I've had a crash, a bike change, being sick as a dog and this year a wasp sting so – yeah – a thrill a minute!"