“Significant improvements” on Malori’s condition
24 January 2016

Medical staff - communiqués (latest update: Sunday, 5pm Euro time)

Telephone squad, together with Hospital San Luis, issue short, favourable messages on the Italian's status as the vice world TT champion completes first 36 hours after admission to medical center

After the midday medical bulletin published by the Hospital San Luis on Sunday, the Movistar Team's medical staff issued the following comments: "Adriano Malori's condition continues to improve. His response to stimuli is good. It is expected that he will begin to take liquids by mouth at midday today. He is accompanied by a family friend and a family member will arrive tomorrow. Plans  are now underway for his transfer to a specialised clinic in Buenos Aires, perhaps midweek. After more extensive examination there, it will be possible to begin preparations for his return to Italy."

(Third update: Sunday, 4pm Euro time, noon Argentinian time) Adriano Malori continues to improve steadily at the Complejo Sanitario San Luis, 36 hours after his admission. The latest bulletin reveals he "remains at ICU, haemodinamically stable, with significant clinical improvements", and notes that he's "awake, responding to simple instructions."

(Second update: Saturday, 10pm Euro time, 6pm Argentinian time) The Hospital San Luis issued, after 24 hours following Adriano Malori's admission, a short bulletin where it states the Italian's recovery is "favourable, stationary."

(First update: Saturday, 2.30pm Euro time, 10.30am Argentinian time) After coming back to their hotel from the Hospital San Luis, where Adriano Malori was admitted on Friday evening, the Movistar Team's medical staff summed up their impressions in the following release: "Adriano had a comfortable night. His condition is stable and there are signs of improvement. This afternoon he will undergo further examination. The Hospital San Luis wil issue a bulletin later today."

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