Castroviejo undergoes surgery, starts recovery
25 February 2016

An estimated two months away from racing

Spaniard operated at Pamplona's Clínica San Miguel to fix his left arm's ulna fracture, will recover with a neck brace after his injury in the seventh cervical vertebra

Jonathan Castroviejo (Movistar Team) underwent surgery at Pamplona's Clínica San Miguel on Thursday. After being moved via ambulance to Faro (Portugal) to northern Spain on Monday, the Basque allrounder had his left elbow fixed following a crash against a spectator who got in his way, riding downhill from the finish of the last stage in the Volta ao Algarve to the team, which left him with a fractured ulna.

After initial checkups from Mutua Navarra's medical services, together with Dr. Hidalgo, Traumatology specialist of the Navarra Health Department, Castroviejo was operated by Drs. Recarte and Lecumberri. The fracture was fixed by osteosynthesis, which ensures immediate mobilization and full recovery of his elbow.

For his fracture in the seventh cervical vertebra, doctors chose a conservative method by having Castroviejo put a neck brace, which he will remain with for an estimated two months. Depending on his postoperative recovery, Jonathan should be ready to be released from hospital early next week after spending the weekend at the Clínica.