Crash for Malori & Fernández at Milano-Torino
28 September 2016

Scare for Movistar Team duo in Italy

Both Movistar Team involved at pile-up in last third of Italian classic; collarbone fractures confirmed at Turin hospital. Fine 4th place by Dani Moreno at Superga, as Miguel Ángel López (AST) storms to win

The Movistar Team suffered an unfortunate accident today with two of its riders during Milano-Torino, the oldest race on European soil over 186km between Sesto Ulteriano and the tough ascent towards the Basilica di Superga. 60km from the end of the race, Rubén Fernández hit a pothole and crashed, taking Adriano Malori also down with him as the latter followed his wheelAlways conscious and stable, both the Spaniard and the Italian were moved by ambulance to the Centro Traumatologico Ortopedico in Turin, where further X-rays and checkups confirmed respective collarbone fractures -left for Malori, right for Fernández-. Following convenient immobilization, the two were taken back to the Movistar Team hotel, prior to getting back to their homes in the upcoming hours.

Ahead in the race, the pace stayed high up to the last two climbs, with the Blues featuring notably afterwards. An attack by Javi Moreno, in pursuit of a ten-man escape forming between the two ascents of Superga, was followed by Giovanni Visconti’s acceleration as Javi was caught, the Italian veteran trying to make up the difference to a duo belonging to that previous move: Mike Woods (CDT) and Miguel Ángel López (AST). Despite the excellent legs by Dani Moreno, who jumped strong as he got to the final deviation and 600m at 8% average towards the Basilica, the Spaniard ran out of time to reach down neither the two in front -López coming out as winner- nor Colombian Rigoberto Urán (CDT), who left Dani taking 4th by a mere five seconds.