Blues unveil new team website

4 January 2018
Imagen de la noticia ‛Blues unveil new team website’ completely renewed

New sections, more accessible content and new image, complying with the Movistar Team’s lighter colours for 2018, now available for all fans and media visiting the Telefónica-backed squad’s digital space.

Movistar Team unveiled Wednesday a completely renewed version of their website. The fans and media entering in this new 2018 season will find a space completely adapted to all devices, and with plenty of technical innovations. All of that, with a sole aim: to continue updating the world about the team’s performances and easily bringing access to all multimedia content around Abarca Sports’ two structures, male and female.

As well as the news, which will now act as a container of all videos and pictures produced around the squad, the changes affect every single section of the site. A remarkable revamp has been proposed for the new Partners zone, which again includes carefully-crafted photography and details on all sponsors and providers of the team. Plus, in the case of top supporters Canyon and Endura, spectacular 360º videos have been added to show the new Movistar Team kit and bikes.

Also shining bright are the profiles of all 35 riders from both men’s and women’s teams, which include their full palmares to date, an in-detail bio and pictures with their respective descriptions. Also, the History section offers an impressive front page, showing all jerseys since the team was established in 1980. This part of the website will be enlarged in the upcoming days with a vast statistic section. Numbers will also be covered at a new section, Results, with all performances from the current year.

The Movistar Team’s new website has been conceived by the squad’s communications area and designed by the technical and artistic teams of Dragoon and You Media, in a reinforced investment to keep the Eusebio Unzué-managed team’s digital presence at the front of the bunch, as has been the case for many years. More than 1.5 million social media supporters confirm the quality of such work.