Sepúlveda’s persistence in San Juan: 5th on stage six

27 January 2018
Imagen de la noticia ‛Sepúlveda’s persistence in San Juan: 5th on stage six’

Argentinian stagerace ends on Sunday

Local hero from Movistar Team claims third top-ten finish this week after joining victorious, 17-man break, led home by Wallays (LTS). Quintana remains in 8th overall

Belgium’s Jelle Wallays (LTS) took a long, 17-man breakaway to solo fruition on day six of the 2018 Vuelta a San Juan, a windy 152km journey in and around the province’s capital. Inside that big group, though, Movistar Team’s Eduardo Sepúlveda had a big role in keeping its chances alive during a fast (46.8kph average), windy course.

The Argentinian rider, resilient despite the morale blow caused by crosswinds taking him out of GC contention on Wednesday’s stage four, fought hard with an attempt -never gaining more than 3mins- which seemed caught, the group only holding a 30-second advantage with 15km remaining. The bunch, however, never made that final effort to catch the group, with Masnada (ANS) keeping it at good speed with a couple of accelerations before Wallays jumped away for good. The Belgian ended up with a slim, two-second gap against the other ‘survivors’ from the breakaway.

Sepúlveda took 5th place and rounded off a week’s fine overall performance, with a 12th spot atop Punta Negraa 9th place on Tuesday’s ITT and great comeback to 6th on Friday’s Alto Colorado mountain-top finish. His team-mate Dayer Quintana remains in 8th spot overall -with Gonzalo Nájar (SEP) still in the lead- before the 171km closing circuit race on Sunday, over the roads that made Tuesday’s ITT.

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