Sights set on El Verjón after relatively calm stage five

15 February 2020
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Juan Diego Alba remains 20″ off overall top-ten after yet another bunch in Zipaquirá, won by Molano (UAD).

The 2020 Tour Colombia witnessed its third bunch sprint finish on Saturday and Sebastián Molano (UAD) claimed as many victories in this week’s race after a tight contest against Álvaro Hodeg (DQT) in Zipaquirá, end of the 180km stage five from Paipa, in Boyacá, to the Cundinamarca region before Sunday’s mountain showdown just next to Bogotá.

Some early rain drops meant Eduardo Sepúlveda and the Movistar Team had to cover in their Alé foul weather gear – and also take clothes off, not always an easy task! (c) Dario Belingheri / BettiniPhoto

Tomorrow’s effort, up towards nearly 3,300m above sea level at El Verjón, is hoped by the Movistar Team to be a chance to shine with Juan Diego Alba, who was well protected all day by his team-mates. The Blues kept the front for most of the stage and took good turns during the final 15km with Sepúlveda, Verona and most notably Matteo Jorgenson, who brought him right into the finishing straight. The Tuta native remains 20″ off the overall top-ten and 1’51” behind race leader Sergio Higuita (EF1), who had no troubles to keep his jersey.

The bunch of the Tour Colombia during Saturday’s stage five. (c) Dario Belingheri / BettiniPhoto

The 183km stage six will feature two climbs of Sisga (Cat-3) and the Alto de Patios (Cat-3; 3km, 7%) as main difficulties before the longer, more decisive El Once, nearly 10km at 5.5% average gradient.

A strong final turn by Matteo Jorgenson helped Juan Diego Alba finish the stage with no time loss. (c) Prensa Telefónica Colombia

QUOTES / Juan Diego Alba:

“I’m fine and happy to have finished today’s one inside the peloton and in one piece. It was quite a fast one, also a bit cold with the rain early on, yet I think we did everything alright, got safely through any setbacks – all in all, happy and ready to get back to the hotel, rest up and give it our all tomorrow. It’s the final stage, the decisive mountain climbs in the race, and the moment to spend all energy we’ve got left.”

Cover picture (c): BettiniPhoto

Male Team 11 - 16 Feb

Tour Colombia COL

(5th Stage) Paipa - Zipaquirá (180.5 km)
  1. 01 Sebastián Molano UAE Team Emirates 4h06'00"
  2. 02 Álvaro Hodeg Deceuninck - Quick Step "
  3. 03 Jonathan Restrepo Androni Giocattoli "
  4. 22 Matteo Jorgenson Movistar Team "
  5. 25 Juan Diego Alba Movistar Team "
  6. 47 Carlos Betancur Movistar Team "
  7. 96 Einer Rubio Movistar Team +19"
  8. 118 Eduardo Sepúlveda Movistar Team +55"
  9. 131 Carlos Verona Movistar Team +3'50"
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  1. 01 Sergio Higuita EF Education First 15h31'47"
  2. 02 Daniel Martínez EF Education First +12"
  3. 03 Jonathan Caicedo EF Education First +14"
  4. 17 Juan Diego Alba Movistar Team +1'51"
  5. 67 Matteo Jorgenson Movistar Team +5'46"
  6. 85 Carlos Betancur Movistar Team +7'39"
  7. 87 Eduardo Sepúlveda Movistar Team +7'44"
  8. 107 Einer Rubio Movistar Team +11'58"
  9. 115 Carlos Verona Movistar Team +13'58"
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