Movistar Team Challenge enters its penultimate round: the Selection Races
17 February 2021

The race towards our new esports squad

Nearly eighty riders -50 men + about thirty women- still in contention for 40 spots into Finals, where we will select our future ten Movistar eTeam members.

There’s only two weeks of racing left in the Movistar Team Challenge, which has been running for the last few days with athletes pre-selected by Zwift fighting against those qualified in the community rounds. Only 78 competitors remain into a talent ID contest which will be holding, this Wednesday and Friday, its penultimate round: the Selection Races.

At this third step of the competition, the system remains the same as in the Invitational Races: two tough races (Wednesday’s will be held over three laps of the fast, lumpy Beach Island Loop) which award points to the top finishers at each – in this case, 20 per event.

The 20 women and men with most points after Friday’s race will be transferred, after verification from ZADA, to the Finals that will be held in March, events where claiming the win – and thus entering the Movistar eTeam – will no longer depend exclusively on sporting performance.


Men: Andrew Evans, Brian Duffy Jr, Brian Hodges, Chris Uberti, Conor McGoldrick, Daniel Guld, Dean Cunningham, Elliot Holtham, Ethan Sittlington, Franklin Almeida, Greg Boileau, Haavard Gjeldnes, Hal Blackburn, Iain Evans, Jadon Jaeger, James Barnes, Jed Scott, Jimmy Kershaw, JM Lachance, Joe Rees, Joel Carroll, Johan Norén, Joost van den Bosch, Joseph Chudyk, JP Leclerc, Kristian Oftedal, Laurin Bachmann, Martin Røste Omdahl, Matt Brooke, Nathan Killam, Niki Hug, Odd Erlend Hansen Berg, Øivind Løining Bjerkseth, Ole Christian Fagerli, Pim van Diemen, Rob Britt, Ross Fawcett, Ryan Rudderham, Scott Catanzaro, Sean Guydish, Steven Pink, Sybren Welling, T IKD, Thomas Hendry, Thomas Thrall, Timothy Torrie, Vidar Mehl, Will Budge, William Zoughaib, Zach Nehr

Women: Alice Perryman, Amelia Mitchell, Anna Svärdström, Becca Ward, Becky Storrie, Bekki Seal, Beth Maciver, Charlotte Colclough, Darlene Krohn, Dominique Eustace, Elin Delin, Eva Marie Hering, Faye Faber, Fiona Schröder, Helen McKay, Imogen Cotter, Jaime Clark, Jessica Edqvist, Kate Robinson, Katheryn Curi, Loes Adegeest, Marlene Bjärehed, Morgan Chaffin, Sarah Portella, Sharon Bird, Steph Clutterbuck, Theia Friestedt, Yvonne Timewell