2018 reVolta
Male Team 25 Mar


34.7 Kilometers


The start of the race will be given at 11.15am on Sunday. It will be a 45-minute race + once laps, which means that it's scheduled to finish around 12.05pm. The podium ceremony, except for the individual winners in every category, will be held at 12.30pm; the day's victors will receive her prize during the final ceremony of the men's race.

Social Media

The race's official hashtag will be #reVolta. The event's combined account is @VoltaCatalunya. Over at @Movistar_Team we'll be keeping an eye on our girls' results, on perhaps the most intense day ever for the Movistar Team in 2018, with up to five different competitions.


Barcelona / Montjuïc (34.7km)
25 March


  1. 01 Lauren Stephens Cylance 54'01"
  2. 02 Lorena Llamas Movistar Team m.t.
  3. 03 Sofía Rodríguez Sopela Women’s Team +9"