2019 Klasika Primavera
Male Team 14 Apr

Klasika Primavera

171.6 Kilometers


The start at Amorebieta's Navarra street will be given at 9.15am on Sunday 14th April; the finish is expected between 1.20 and 1.32pm CEST.

Social Media

The race's official hashtag should be #Klasika19; the organisers' Twitter handle is @scamorebieta.


Abarca Sports has won in Amorebieta more times than at any other Spanish one-day event: no less than eleven, from the first time in 1982 (Jesús Suárez Cueva) to 2018 (Andrey Amador). The full list is available on our website's History section.


Amorebieta (171.6km)
14 April


  1. 01 Carlos Betancur Movistar Team 3h57'03"
  2. 02 Carlos Quintero Manzana Postobón "
  3. 03 Edu Prades Movistar Team "
  4. 08 Carlos Barbero Movistar Team +2'13"
  5. 16 Rubén Fernández Movistar Team "
  6. 17 Winner Anacona Movistar Team +2'31"
  7. 25 Antonio Pedrero Movistar Team +5'38"
  8. 30 Andrey Amador Movistar Team +6'32"