The race will be broadcast live on Eurosport 1 (3.50pm CEST), GCN Race Pass and RAI.


This summer edition means a later schedule for the race, with the neutralized start being given at 10.40am and a finish around 6.30pm CEST.

Social Media

The race's official Twitter account is @Milano_Sanremo; the hashtag is #MilanoSanremo.


Milano - Sanremo (305km)
08 August


Resisting despite the circumstances, which have forced them to change the route due to a negative response from several city councils in the Savona area to hold the race, due to touristic and health reasons, the 111st edition of Milano-Sanremo offers an even longer, tougher route than in previous years.

It doesn’t only exceed 300 kilometers for the first time in decades -and considering the neutralized route, which starts from Lombardy’s capital’s Castello Sforzesco, ends 10km outside of Milan, it’s way over that figure-, but also includes new ascents due to the necessity to avoid that area. This ‘Special Sanremo’ now features the Niella Belbo, a 13km climb with gentle slopes halfway through the course, and the Colle di Nava, also near false-flat territory, from which the race will get to the coast quite later than what it did with the Turchino: the summit is just 70km away from the finish.

With no ‘Capi’ on the route, only two climbs will be remaining after Nava: the famous Cipressa (283.5km), with just under 6km at 4% gradient, and Poggio (299.5km). The latter is 3.7km at just 3.7% average, yet usually enough to see winning attacks due to the wear and tear of this long race and the fast speeds it’s covered at.