Movistar Team, the history goes on

4 January 2011
Imagen de la noticia ‛Movistar Team, the history goes on’

Movistar Team is now reality. The team is already on our roads. A project that continues the legacy of a historic team. A challenge we confront with enthousiasm, and which we want to make you part of. This website, where you can share experiences, joy and emotions, is a sample. Because we’re better, connected. Welcome.

Movistar Team is a touchable reality. It is a pleasure for all team members to present you exclusively all the details of an adventure that predicts exciting, and where we look for your complicity. This desire crystallizes on this official website, a meeting point where you will be able to find informations about the riders, the races, the sponsors and, obviously, the team and its long history.

Movistar Team takes the baton from a legendary group that has been rolling, without any interruptions, for more than three decades. Through all these years, the group has featured names that are still in the minds of the fans, such as Ángel Arroyo, Pedro Delgado, Abraham Olano or Miguel Indurain. Riders that, alongside many others, have contributed to forge the character of a squad which always takes the start with the victory in sights. A quality joined by other values like comradeship, effort and honestity, a constant figure in the trajectory of this team, made big in the most important races in the world.

Those values are utterly shared by Movistar. Together, we will be achieving big things. With humility, as well in Europe as in America. Because Movistar Team is made in fact of two squads: the Movistar Team World Tour and the Movistar Team Continental Category, the latter one based in Colombia and focused on riding across the roads of Latin America.

We want to be as close as possible to the fans, to all of you. That’s why we have created the Movistar Team Supporters Club, which you will be able to find in the team’s home page soon. An initiative which helps us to build the World’s Biggest Cycling Team. Want to be one of its members? We encourage you from here to be part of this, and help us this way in order to write another brilliant chapter in the history of this legendary team. Welcome to the challenge!!!