Finetuning the Blue hammer for 2012
22 November 2011

Eusebio Unzué's squad concludes tomorrow with 3-day get-together in Pamplona after all kinds of tests, checks and talks with the upcoming season in sight

Long work days, starting early in the morning and concluding, after the dinner, just before midnight. In between, measures are taken for the official racing and outdoor sportswear, as sunglasses, helmets, shoes are tested and all official audiovisual materials are made.

The three days at the Hotel Castillo de Gorráiz also featured medical and performance checks, osteopathy sessiones, meetings on nutrition or internal functioning aspects. Three long sessiones with almost no rest concluding on Wednesday, will all Movistar Team personnel separating before getting back together at the start of the season, which will probably happen on mid January as a first block starts their way through the South Australian coast.