Dayer Quintana joins Movistar Team
25 October 2013


Nairo's younger brother Dayer, 21, takes the leap towards pro cycling as part of Eusebio Unzué's squad

Movistar Team will have two Quintanas in 2014. Joining Nairo, the biggest sensation in pro cycling during the last season, the squad managed by Eusebio Unzué will have Dayer, the younger brother of the Colombian superstar. The 21-year-old from Cómbita, Boyacá, will make his debut in the pro scene after having competed in the ranks of amateur squad Lizarte in 2013. In spite of starting his season in April, Dayer Quintana finished more than twenty times within the best ten in the Spanish calendar and proved his great conditions, especially on climbing.

After a brilliant junior stage, the Colombian rider had to stop riding for a year and a half as he served in the national police, getting back in the summer of 2012, when he battled well against experienced pros despite still in his early 20’s. Dayer’s first contact with his new team-mates will come next week, during a team meeting held by the Blues in the outskirts of Pamplona.