The Storehouse of Dreams
13 January 2016

Behind the Scenes in the Movistar Team Service Course

Eusebio Unzué talks us through the corridors of the Movistar Team headquarters, a vast industrial unit in the outskirts of Pamplona with a hangar, workshops, offices - and, everywhere, trophies and priceless cycling memorabilia

An unremarkable industrial zone in the village of Egüés, eight kilometres from central Pamplona, is the setting for the nerve centre of the cycling team that has been ranked number one in the world for the past three seasons. Eusebio Unzué's management company Abarca Sports has been based in what the team call La Bajera (the cellar) or, simply, La Nave (the industrial unit), for nine years now.

Through the garage door you enter a space so huge it would daze you, were it not at the same time clean-lined and bathed in daylight, thanks to enormous quarterlights overhead. "It is a little hangar," Unzué explains. "It covers 1,200 square metres, with garage space for the team trucks, coaches and cars, and workshops where the masseurs store their equipment and the mechanics service the bikes." Two facilities serve as storerooms for the mechanics' tools, and the frames and accessories that the team uses through the year. The rest of this luminous space is reserved for the team cars and buses, and the customised trucks where the mechanics work when the team is on the road.

A stairway leads up the the first floor. "There are 250 square metres of offices where our administrative staff work: our logistics experts Verónica Lorca and Elena Sánchez, the technical director Alfonso Galilea, and, in the communication and marketing office, Juan Pablo Molinero." Everywhere, there are cups, medals, jerseys, and historic bikes. "The idea is to decorate the offices and the unit downstairs with memorabilia from our long history, from the moment we turned professional in 1980, through to the present day – and the 2016 season marks our 37th consecutive year in professional cycling."