Javi Moreno undergoes surgery in shoulder
17 May 2016

Crashed out of Giro d'Italia

Spanish climber from Movistar Team operated on Monday evening at Pamplona's Clínica San Miguel to fix displaced left collarbone fracture; will be released in the next few days

After crashing out of the Giro d'Italia during stage seven last Friday and heading back to Spain the day after, Javi Moreno (Movistar Team) underwent surgery yesterday to fix and clean the displaced fracture on his left shoulder's collarbone.

The two-hour operation took place at Pamplona's Clínica San Miguel, and finished successfully minutes before 9pm. Moreno will be released and return home in the next few days.

Dr. Ángel Recarte, orthopedist from Mutua Navarra, explains that "the patient is doing well, already able to move his arm slowly. After some weeks of recovery, he will be ready to get back training and resume his normal life."