‘Back on my feet’, by Sheyla Gutiérrez

19 June 2019
Imagen de la noticia ‛‘Back on my feet’, by Sheyla Gutiérrez’

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Spaniard from Movistar Team makes an overview on the most brilliant moments of her 2019 season start in her second Blog of the season, getting back to her place as one of the most remarkable talents in the UCI Women’s WorldTour peloton.

Cycling is full of ups and downs. There’s always many more races where you don’t do well than those where you get a result, and it’s difficult to get into 100% form to the main goals you set on yourself during a season. In my case, I was coming into 2019 after a tough previous months, and the early classics didn’t go too well either.”

Flanders: highs and lows

“In that sense, Dwars door Vlaanderen was a really happy day for me. The Northern classics are races that I really like, those I get prepared for with the most dedication. Being up there with the strongest ladies in the moment I needed to, just before the Ronde van Vlaanderen, was really beautiful. It was also a breakaway made with ‘a lot of gas’, where only those with an edge on the rest could make it. For me, riding so well in Waregem was a way to feel myself back as I had done for the past few years, and remembering I could be up there.

Gutiérrez sprints to 5th place in Dwars door Vlaanderen.

“Unfortunately, De Ronde didn’t go as I planned, yet I left Belgium with an aim and determination of – maybe next year or the year after that – working as hard as I did this winter or even harder to go after those races.”

Tenerife and Jasinska

“After Flanders and such a rough period for me, it was important to reset my mind and body and look for the next goals. A place that has always helped me getting back on track was Tenerife. It’s an island where I love to go training, where I can find all kinds of terrain to do quality work, a place where I can always have a break from the stress of racing and feel well.

“Considering what I had been through in the Vlaanderen races, I was even more eager to getting back to be a good rider, working the best I could to achieve that goal, and making the most of those weeks in the Canary Islands to let my body shine again. Simply put, being up there with the best ones.

“I was lucky to be joined in Tenerife by Jasi. Sharing time with her makes me a better person, and sharing those training rides, those hardest times for a sportsperson, when you’re alone with a task to do, made it all even more worth, easier to tackle.”

A key moment: the Bira

“… And the Bira finally came. I really, really enjoyed this year’s race. It’s an even I’ve always liked, yet at the same time, and because of its routes, the time of the year it’s raced… it’s always been a race I anticipated as maybe too hard for me. I didn’t set any expectations on my own performance for the week; I was just determined to do my best.

My position into the team roster was one of more focus towards teamwork, yet at the first sprint stage I already felt really well, and my team-mates helped me a lot in the finale to take that 4th place. After that, seeing myself so near to the top contenders [She was 11th – ed.] at a tough finish like Amasa’s on stage two, having such good legs, such incredible feelings – it really filled my body with joy and make me think that – why not – I could help the team out in a different way.”

The breakaway by Gutiérrez and Jasinska during stage four of the Bira.

A spectacular breakaway

“The final stage in Oñati was also really special for me. There were lots of attacks from the beginning, a break including Jasi was formed into the first climb (Udana), and the team car asked me to try and attack into the second one (Atagoiti), bridging back to her and try to help her out. I was able to reach the group, then I was asked to try it again, go alone – and we ended up together at the front, the two of us, ‘mano a mano’, alone at the head of the race.

“Two team-mates fighting together at the front was an incredible feeling for me, yet it was going to get better. Being reached back by the peloton; getting into yet another breakaway, then with the strongest ladies in the Bira; staying with them until the finish; taking a good result in the hardest stage of the race… it was an incredible day, exactly what I had worked so hard for. And above all of that, my family was watching the race on site that day – being able to pay them back for their support with that result was an incredible experience.

Looking towards the Giro Rosa

“A few days later I was able to step onto the podium in Plumelec, and last week at the Women’s Tour, despite the tough routes and the strong field of competitors, I was also able to stay near the front at some stages and support my team-mates. The main goal for the remainder of June is to assimilate all workloads I’ve got on during the past few weeks, then starting to think about the Giro. I’m so willing to do well there – we’ve done what we had to do to get to our best condition, and things should only go well. The team was good chances for the GC, yet if it’s compatible with the team’s interest, I think – that’s my intention leading up to the race – it’s possible to chase for stage wins and do well. Above all, I just want to get back on my feet, just like in the past few races.”

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