NeatCleats to keep Movistar Team’s equipment tidier and cleaner
11 June 2020

New partner

Holding and mounting systems from the British firm allow Telefónica-backed squad’s riders take care of their cleats and shoes, with easier transport and better organisation in their everyday life

Easy, well-built gear which makes for easier, more comfortable training and racing for the Movistar Team. The Telefónica-backed squad is starting Thursday an agreement with NeatCleats, a British producer of mounting, adjusting and fixing systems for cycling shoes and cleats. (Official website)

Based in South Brent, Devon, in southwest England, NeatCleats builds devices which allow keep shoes together in one piece (NeatCleats Original), compatible with top pedal brands -including Movistar Team partner Look Cycle-; Wall Mount systems to keep the cleats fixed to a flat surface; or Carabiner clips to hold the shoes firmly and help with transport, attached to a bag or wherever one can hang it to with ease.

NeatCleats’ list of products also includes their own system to adjust the cleats and fix them to the shoe more easily, called NeatCleats Align. All these elements have a common goal: keep your cycling shoes clean, your equipment tidy and your cleats protected, making the Movistar Team riders’ life more comfortable.

Alistair Taverner, Designer and Managing Director, NeatCleats:Ever since first watching my Tour in 1990 I’ve loved cycling and to be part of the team with all its history, is something very special for me. We’ve worked with the Movistar Team for 3 years now and their feedback from the team and riders has helped with the development with our Zpurs product and NeatCleats Align. Having met the team at the 2018 Tour we really enjoyed there warmth and hospitality from both the riders and management. We’re looking forward to working with them in the future.”

Juan Pablo Molinero, CMO, Movistar Team: “NeatCleats is a state-of-the-art product built by cycling lovers. It helps our day to day trips by organizing and transport cyling shoes in a safer and more comfortable way. A young Project growing fast and sustainably, just like Movistar Team is doing”.

About NeatCleats and Zpurs
NeatCleats and Zpurs keep your shoes together for when you’re home, out racing, or on your travels. The NeatCleats Align fits to all the major Cleat types with the pedal axis point and centerline marked on the NeatCleats to help riders find their best cleat position. Due to the success of the NeatCleats, Zpurs was launched to clip any shoe together and was awarded the Red Dot design award this year.

All pictures (c): Chris Keller-Jackson