Gobik to dress Movistar Team in 2023
01 January 2023

Two cycling stories destined to meet

Both the Telefónica-backed squad's women’s and men’s teams will wear the kit manufactured by the Spain-based firm, with “luminous and futuristic” design proposed to them.

2023 sees the cycling year open with the exciting announcement that Gobik is to be the official sponsor and provider of technical clothing for the Movistar Team – an important player competing at the highest level with 45 cyclists (30 from the male team and 15 from the female team) – in another historic step for the Spanish brand.

In the words of Juan Pablo Molinero, CMO of the Movistar Team: “It gives us great satisfaction to have a Spanish firm as the ‘skin’ of the Movistar Team in 2023. Gobik’s futuristic, elegant and daring designs, along with the quality of its clothes and the company’s huge commitment to innovation and development are fast converting the label into the leading sportswear brand in cycling today. Of course, any brand is the sum of its people, and Gobik’s team clearly feel the same passion for cycling as us here at Movistar Team.

45 cyclists in the best races worldwide 

Between the male and female teams, Movistar Team maintains a constant presence throughout the entire World Tour calendar, including the three most iconic races – the Giro, Tour and Vuelta – but also taking in further classic races both at home and globally, with an agenda that kicks off in January and runs through to the end of October, in locations from Valencia to Australia.

The agreement takes in the history of the longest-running team in international cycling, with over 40 years in the saddle, and sets it off on a path full of new challenges: “As always,” continues Juan Pablo Molinero, “the largest and most monumental races will set the pace for the men’s team, whereas for the women’s team the goal is to replicate the successes of 2022.”

“Dressing the international squad for the last two years has represented a real turning point for our brand; now, dressing the longest-standing team in the history of cycling is definitely a new landmark in the company’s history,” remarked José Ramón Ortín, CEO and cofounder of Gobik.

Movistar Team is in a strong position to face the demands of the 2023 season. The women’s team is lead by the best female cyclist in the world, Annemiek Van Vleuten, winner of the three main contests and world champion in 2022. The future of the team is assured by teammates such as Liane Lippet, a new addition this year, and Sarah Gigante.

The men’s team has several aces up its sleeve, aiming to maintain its strong record in the Grand Tours whilst not overlooking its progress in the classic races. Initially Enric Mas will lead a group with extensive expertise in three-week races, with expectations growing regarding the role of cyclists such as Iván García Cortina and Alex Aranburu as the season progresses.

This year, the team welcomes the Colombian sprinter, Fernando Gaviria, with 50 wins over the course of his professional career to date, and the multi-talented Portuguese cyclist, Ruben Guerreiro, alongside one of the great promises of Spanish cycling in the form of nineteen year old Iván Romeo from Valladolid.

Albert Medrano, Head of Marketing at Gobik, adds that “Movistar Team is the home team, which has made cycling fans of all of us, even before we get to everything else we have in common. We feel that our histories are like two paths which were always destined to join up at some point.”

A “luminous and futuristic” design 

Movistar Team’s new skin is the result of a painstaking design process, and clearly showcases the Gobik identity.  “The main aim was to gain luminosity and break with tradition, but without losing the team’s characteristic colours,” says Ángel Lencina, Gobik’s Product Development Manager.
The design process started out from “an element inherent to the main sponsor, that of connectivity, something modern and fast that connects us all. The colour fades on the sleeve and neck give an aura of luminosity and dynamism, as if the main body colour is being stripped away as the cyclist increases in speed,” explains Ángel.

Constant and ongoing improvement 

Juan Pablo Molinero remarks that “as one of the team’s cyclists confessed to me the other day, this is the most attractive design they have ever worn in all their years as a professional. Whilst remaining faithful to the elegance and discretion that has always characterised the Movistar Team shirt, Gobik has succeeded in giving it an innovative revamp, inspired by connectivity and networks – the very DNA of Telefónica, the main sponsor. A veritable marriage of engineering and design. Ours will be the sexiest team on the international stage in 2023.”

With its proven track record, Gobik continues its journey accompanying some of the best teams in the world, aware that this display of trust “represents a reward for every company employee, but also a responsibility, because there is no greater test than that of working with a WT team,” explains Alberto García, CEO and cofounder of the brand, “resulting in improvements that we immediately transfer across to our broader collection so that every cyclist can enjoy sportswear that has been put to the test at the highest level.”

 “A constant striving to improve defines our brand,” he concludes.

About Gobik

Gobik is a young and dynamic textile company founded in 2010 and based in Yecla (Murcia). Since its inception, customised cycling clothing has been a major part of its DNA. The brand now employs more than 180 people and is committed to steady and sustainable growth.

2023 will see the brand dressing both the male and female teams of one of the longest-standing international cycling squads, the Movistar Team, thus continuing Gobik’s trajectory of success in cycling at the highest level, with the most significant win to date being that of Tadej Pogačar in the 2021 Tour de France.