Movistar Plus+ launches ‘El Día Menos Pensado’ season 4 with Madrid premiere
15 March 2023

To be aired in Spain on Monday 27th March

Fourth instalment of pro cycling's most acclaimed, best known series aired for the first time on Wednesday at event featuring Valverde, Unzué.

Wednesday marked the official launch of ‘El Día Menos Pensado’ Season 4 at Telefónica’s flagship store in Madrid’s Gran Vía. The event, coordinated by Movistar Plus+ cycling expert Mónica Marchante, was headed by Alejandro Valverde (former Movistar Team rider), Eusebio Unzué (General Manager of the Movistar Team), Marc Pons (Director of ‘El Día Menos Pensado’), José Larraza (Head of Contents for TBS, production company of the series) and Rafael Fernández de Alarcón (Telefónica’s Global Marketing Director).

On Monday 27th March, at 9.30pm CEST, #Vamos por Movistar Plus+ will be airing a special show in Spain, led by Mónica Marchante and Joseba Larrañaga, that will feature notable Movistar Team names. At 10.00pm, after the premiere show, all four episodes of the series will be shown consecutively and exclusively.

Vamos por M+ is available in Spain through the Movistar Plus+ App.