The start from Estella's Plaza de los Fueros will be given at 5pm on Saturday 22nd June; the finish at the Paseo de la Inmaculada is scheduled between 7.47 and 8.07pm.

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The two most interesting Twitter accounts to follow the race are @RFECiclismo and @CcEstellaL.


Estella (106.3km)
22 June


After a month and a half’s stop, the 2019 Spanish Racing Series are back with its penultimate round, which will allow the Movistar Team visiting their home region, Navarra, for the first time with their women’s team this season. Estella will be the venue for the 2nd edition of a wide-open race where the climbers are not at all certain to have an edge on their competition.

Actually, most of the 107km route will be flat, with the find and the speeds as biggest challenges. It will be after the second passage through the finish when the riders tackle two ascents of the Alto de Irache (Cat-3; 2.8km at 4.5%), climbs hard enough to create some fireworks – yet after which there will still be 8km of flat before the Paseo de la Inmaculada, finish of the GP Miguel Indurain.