2020 Grande Trittico Lombardo
Male Team 03 Aug

Grande Trittico Lombardo

199.7 Kilometers

Participants list

  1. Héctor Carretero
  2. Eduardo Sepúlveda
  3. Dario Cataldo
  4. Johan Jacobs
  5. Matteo Jorgenson
  6. Einer Rubio
  7. Mathias Norsgaard


The race will be broadcast live on Eurosport 2 (2.40pm CEST), GCN Race Pass and RAI 2 (14.45).


The neutralized start will be given in Legnano, at 11.50am on Monday 3rd August. The finish in Varese is scheduled around 4.30pm.


Legnano - Varese (199.7km)
03 August


It’s always been said that challenging situations make for sharpened minds, and that determination has been turned into a virtue by Italian trio of organisers US Legnanese 1913, SC Mobili Lissone and SC Alfredo Binda, to tie their three races – always part of the prestigious, vast post-Tour calendar – into a big event (UCI ProSeries) just after the restart of the post-pandemic calendar. And that’s how the ‘Grande Trittico Lombardo’ came to be, with its only edition being held in early August and containing bits of the Tre Valli Varesine, the Coppa Agostoni and the Coppa Bernocchi.

The 200km route honours all three races, with a rolling start in Legnano; two laps around Lissone to follow up; and a tougher approach to Varese, where the final four laps will be held over the classical ‘Tre Valli’ finish, used in the 2008 World Championships. The ascents of Morazzone (1.5km, 6.5%), Ronchi (2km, 5%) and Montello (1.8km, nearly 6%) always make for exciting, demanding races.