Portrait ofEiner Rubio
Place: Chíquiza, Boyacá
Birth: 22/02/1998
Country: COL
Height: 164 Cm
Weight: 56 Kg
Pro debut: 2020
Years in team: 1
Career path:

2020: Movistar Team


Einer Rubio

All quality needed to succeed

REALLY HUMBLE BEGINNINGS. Einer Rubio’s story as a professional rider starts when his whole family is forced to move away from hometown Chíquiza, in the Boyacá department, due to the drought affecting their potato fields and keeping their stable from being properly fed. They headed towards the Colombian capital, Bogotá, where Einer, once he finished secondary school, started working in the construction industry, and saved some money to buy a bike made of iron, with which he got back to training on the road. Still a junior rider (2015 / 2016), Rubio started to make a name as one of the most promising talents in the country, which made an Italian headhunter put his eyes on him so he could earn a place in the European peloton.

BREAKTHROUGH. Einer soon achieves good results despite the adaption to the Italian language and culture taking its time -the team he rode for, Aran – Vejus, has ended up being his ‘Italian family’, with fellow countryman Brayan Malaver now riding for them-. In 2018, he won a stage of the U23 Giro d’Italia, the GP Capodarco and a stage at the Giro del Friuli -the latter, in front of no less than Tadej Pogacar-, and in 2019, Rubio got himself into the podium of the amateur Giro, with a 2nd place ahead of current team-mate Juan Diego Alba.

SHINING IN HIS FIRST SEASON. In 2020, already as a Movistar Team member, he was the Telefónica-backed squad’s only neo-pro to make his debut into a Grand Tour, the Giro d’Italia, where he did really well from start to finish. Several breakaways allowed the young Colombian -6th at the final mountain stage in Sestriere- learning many lessons that will help him as a rider in the future.

Einer was part of the youth team supported by Esteban Chaves, a real factory of talent. Esteban celebrated Einer’s leap towards the top tier in November 2019 with this heartwarming message.



4 Victories as professional

1st (9th stage) Giro d'Italia U23 2019
1st (2nd stage) Giro del Friuli Venezia Giulia 2018
1st GP Capodarco 2018
1st (5th stage) Giro d'Italia U23 2018


53 Days of Racing
8004.5 Km covered

2nd (5th stage) Vuelta a Burgos
3rd (2nd stage) Vuelta a Asturias
5th Vuelta a Asturias
6th (3rd stage) Vuelta a Asturias
7th Vuelta a Burgos
9th (1st stage) Vuelta a Asturias
11th (2nd stage) Tour de Pologne
15th (1st stage) Settimana Coppi e Bartali
16th (5th stage) Tour de Pologne
17th (4th stage) Tour de Pologne
18th (20th stage) Giro d'Italia
19th (3rd stage) Vuelta a Burgos
20th (6th stage) Giro d'Italia
23th Tour de Pologne
25th (1st stage) Vuelta a Burgos
28th (2nd stage) Vuelta a Burgos
28th (6th stage) Settimana Coppi e Bartali
29th (14th stage) Giro d'Italia
32th Circuito de Getxo
32th (5th stage) Settimana Coppi e Bartali
33th (7th stage) Tour de Pologne
34th (3rd stage) Tour de Pologne
39th (4th stage) Vuelta a Burgos
39th Giro d'Italia
44th Settimana Coppi e Bartali
48th (19th stage) Giro d'Italia
49th (9th stage) Giro d'Italia
53th (1st stage) Tour de Pologne
57th Giro della Toscana
62th (2nd stage) Itzulia Basque Country
69th (3rd stage) Giro d'Italia
70th (4th stage) Giro d'Italia
74th (11th stage) Giro d'Italia
74th (12th stage) Giro d'Italia
74th (4th stage) Settimana Coppi e Bartali
78th Clásica San Sebastián
79th (17th stage) Giro d'Italia
82th (5th stage) Giro d'Italia
82th (15th stage) Giro d'Italia
83th (16th stage) Giro d'Italia
86th (5th stage) Itzulia Basque Country
86th Itzulia Basque Country
90th (8th stage) Giro d'Italia
90th (18th stage) Giro d'Italia
97th (10th stage) Giro d'Italia
98th (6th stage) Itzulia Basque Country
103th (6th stage) Tour de Pologne
105th (2nd stage) Giro d'Italia
112th (3rd stage) Itzulia Basque Country
117th (4th stage) Itzulia Basque Country
118th (7th stage) Giro d'Italia
127th (3rd stage) Settimana Coppi e Bartali
134th (13th stage) Giro d'Italia
143th (21th stage) Giro d'Italia
149th (1st stage) Itzulia Basque Country
173th (1st stage) Giro d'Italia