Positive news for Soler

21 June 2011
Imagen de la noticia ‛Positive news for Soler’

Good news about the health status of Mauricio Soler. The Colombian rider continues his recovery in the intensive care unit of the Hospital St. Gallen in Switzerland, as Alfredo Zúñiga (the doctor from Movistar Team attending the rider in the Swiss medical center) says.

“It can be said that the life-threatening has disappeared. He has begun to make light movements and tests seem to rule out spinal injury, although we should be aware of further studies. Now we have to see the evolution of a possible neurological damage, a process in which we must be patient. The cerebral edema is subsiding, the intracranial pressure is declining and the development of pneumothorax is also positive. Mauricio is still in the intensive care unit and he will stay there for several days”. Mauricio is being accompanied by his wife Patricia and his brother, who arrived from Colombia on Saturday.