Victory Endurance becomes Movistar Team’s nutrition partner

9 January 2018
Imagen de la noticia ‛Victory Endurance becomes Movistar Team’s nutrition partner’

Sponsor for 2018

Weider Group brand to supply Telefónica-backed squad with their top-quality products in the imminent 2018 season.

Victory Endurance, a leading brand in sports nutrition, will be supporting the Movistar Team as of 2018 by supplying their products to both men’s and women’s teams.

A brand of the Weider Group, its ultimate goal is to help every athlete achieve optimal performance and meet their specific training goals.

The Weider Research and Development Team has been developing supplements for athletes since 1936. Their expertise in designing specific formulas, combining ingredients, and constant use of the best raw materials, is known worldwide. Thousands of athletes have tested their products for decades, and we are proud of continuing to develop supplements to improve the performance of athletes and help them achieve Victory.

As the Blues’ 2018 team launch was held in Madrid on December 14th, Victory Endurance showcased the products (image above) the Telefónica-backed squad will be using in the upcoming season.

You can find more information and pictures of Victory Endurance’s products for the Movistar Team on their partner page in our website.